10 Things To Do To Distract Yourself When You Are Overdue

You have been anxiously waiting to have your baby after you had hit 32 weeks because at that point you were getting so sick and tired of being pregnant! However, you also know that 32 weeks is way too soon to deliver and because of knowing that, you keep hanging in there because you know you have to. You just feel like at that point you have been pregnant for an eternity. And, you could potentially stay pregnant for at least another 8 weeks at that point. However, if you end up reaching that 40-week point and there are no signs of labor on the way, you will become even more frustrated. Yet, at the same time, you know quite well that dwelling on your frustrations about still being pregnant and not seeing an ending to it, that will only bring you more anxiety. And, this could cause even more of a delay which is the last thing you want to see happen. However, one thing to keep in mind is that you will be induced by 42 weeks because at that point the placenta begins to disintegrate. By knowing that, you logically know that you will have your baby sooner rather than later even if it feels like an eternity. But, let’s take a look at 10 things you can do in order to distract yourself from the fact that you are overdue. By doing these things, that also could help speed things along as well!

Get A Chemical Free Manicure And Pedicure – Getting a manicure and pedicure are safe to do during your pregnancy, and they are also quite relaxing. Just make sure wherever you get that done, the salon is well-ventilated and that the nail polish is chemical free which the salon will provide. You can also get your own if you are more comfortable with that. And, pedicures are done often in the third trimester because it is too hard for mom to bend down anyway to cut and style her toenails.

Try A New Dinner Recipe – There is nothing more distracting than trying out a brand new recipe, and you can also add some spicy additives to it if you want. There is no scientific evidence that spices really do help bring on labor, but it may speed things up more than you realize if it causes you to go to the bathroom a lot.

Daydream About The Baby – Instead of focusing on being pregnant, focus on when your baby is here and indulge in all of those daydreams.

Read A Fun Book – You want to keep your brain entertained so why not read an entertaining book in order to keep yourself distracted and you will forget about your frustrations quickly!

Watch A Funny Movie – There is nothing better than watching a hilarious movie that will really get you laughing. And, contrary to belief from back in the day, but if you love horror movies, then you can most definitely indulge in watching those because they will not cause any harm to your unborn baby!

Go Window Shopping – You want to get out as much as possible, so why not go to the mall, whether it is outdoor or indoor, and do some window shopping? Here is another hint. The more you are active, the more you move and walk, the greater the chance it can get things moving along the way you want to see!

Install The Baby’s Car Seat – There is no better time to get the baby car seat installed than right before giving birth. And, you will want to make sure the installation is proper. There are police stations that will provide you the service, and the hospital will have staff that will do the installation as well if you are unsure of how to do it.

Indulge In Your Biggest Pregnancy Craving – You have taken excellent care of yourself and your baby. If you have just one sinful craving that you could potentially indulge in for the last time, then give into it right now! Even if that means you are craving that big slice of chocolate cake! Go for it!

Go Work Out – Whether it is prenatal aerobics or yoga, go for it! It can only help.

Evaluate The Baby Names You Want To Use – Make sure you are truly happy with what you want to name your baby! With these 10 distraction ideas, you will be in labor before you know it because you won’t be focusing on it anymore! And, your baby will be here!